Meeting Sylvester Stallone at the Expendables 3 Premiere (Sorry Mum)

Meeting Sylvester Stallone at the Expendables 3 Premiere (Sorry Mum)

So, we got to Leicester Square at 3:30am on the morning of August 4th. It was still dark at this point and we took our positions, ready to accept the number that we were to be given, which was somewhere in the 60’s but then got dropped to somewhere in the late- 30’s. The four of us chatted away and before we knew it, dark had turned into daylight and we were waiting to hear on whether we were to be allocated wristbands by the security. No. No we weren’t – because that would have been useful, fair and effective, it would have also stopped the endless onslaught of arguments that ensued throughout the day.

After finding out we weren’t to be back in my favourite square until 1:00pm ( now 8am) we went off in search for a Starbucks for a Tall Mocha and more chit-chat. We drank up and went to Superdrug to use the Brow Bar as I insisted that I needed my eyebrows ‘sorting’. Placing my posterior on the seat, the woman proceeded to rip my eyebrows out and shape them as requested, which she did perfectly. All of a sudden she asks ‘Have you been messing with your eyebrows?’ In response, I’m like ‘Wait? What? No!’ and realise she thinks that the scar isn’t actually a scar and is just a gap that is the result of aggressive plucking. I hold my hands up in defence and tell her what feels about 50 times, that it is in fact a scar. She was having non of it. No. Non. Nada. The lady then proceeds to frown and sigh at me before disappearing around one of the aisles before coming back with the darkest brown eyebrow pen in the world and not only colours my scar in – but sets a pair of square slugs upon my face, making me rival Groucho Marx. I paid up, said thank you (thinking thank you for taking offense at my gappy eyebrow) and proceeded to buy a pack of facial wipes from the other side of the store before making a hasty exit.

We returned to the Square and waited. The weather was lovely and before we knew it, it was time to go into the pens. Of course, without wristbands and tight security, it was a shambles. A girl who had camped and had come from Czechoslovakia just to see Stallone was in front of me and I helped push her through and before the wave of late-coming dealers raced passed her and stole all the good barrier spots. We, ourselves, secured a spot in a pen that didn’t even look like a pen opposite where the press were to be. In this pen is where we met a lovely couple that helped the time fly even quicker.

Before we knew it the rapper that comes and ‘warms-up’ the crowd, was in fact, warming up the crowd and trying to get various victims to ‘drop some beats’ in turn for some promotional Expendables 3 sunglasses – seriously, you have never seen so many people want free stuff.  All of a sudden, MC Free-Stuff (no-one actually knows his name) pulls out some nice Expendables 3 dog tag bottle opener keyrings and I would really like to get me one of those! As he’s swaggering down the carpet repeatedly asking ‘What we got?’, we grab him and point to my A2 Sly print that is stuck to the front of the barrier. He was like ‘You guys did this?’ and my better half points at me and says ‘She did.’, to which MC Free-Stuff replied ‘Fair play’ and gave me a keyring – RESULT!

I would love to tell you about the other celebrity arrivals at the Expendables 3 premiere, but my full and undivided attention was on Sylvester Stallone. I don’t fancy the guy – hell no – but I DO admire him hell of a lot and I love his movies.

So Stallone was first to arrive and we were watching on the big screen as we couldn’t see the drop-off point in person, and then it dawned on me. ‘F*&k.’ ‘What?’ ‘He’s not signing for everyone – we’re gonna be lucky to get him over here at all!’. At this point I begin to stress because I am tired and have slaved over this artwork for days.

Stallone gets closer and the adrenaline kicks in, he sees my artwork and heads to sign it – being directed by his PA. His Sharpie is poised ready to scrawl on my picture WHEN SOME PERSON SLID THEIR IMAGE UNDER THE NIB AND STOLE THE AUTOGRAPH! Stallone moved on without thinking and that was it. Never in my life have I been so furious! I would not have minded if I was skipped altogether, but to have him be THAT CLOSE and to just move on was crushing! 15 hours we’d waited for that moment for some person who I did not see to ninja and steal that signature from me. Deflated was not the word. We knew that Stallone had to come back down the carpet to speak to the press and everyone around me said ‘We’ll try and get him on his way back!’.


I was not holding even the slightest shard of hope at this point, but still kept my space on the barrier to see the situation through.

Stallone absolutely OWNED that carpet. He finished signing, waved and turned around, ready to face the press. In a twist of fate, the infinite stream of premiere guests had taken to the carpet so Stallone HAD to walk down our side of the carpet to get back to the press people. This was it! My one and only chance! I hung over the fence draping my A2 print right in front of him and his PA’s so that they were heading directly towards it. My legs were shaking and my heart was pounding! We were all shouting, begging, pleading at the top of our lungs for him to sign ‘JUST THIS ONE’. He raised his hand to wave and cross away from us – when his PA saw! She understood and cut him off mid-wave and brought him over! All I could do was say thank you over and over! Adrenaline just pounded around my body and I could barely handle such an instantaneous high! I held out a framed A4 version of the print to him and he went to sign it – I blocked the pen and put my hands on his (VERY MANLY ONES) and said ‘no. for you, please, take it, please, for you! Please’ He was protesting and he looked me in the eyes and I said ‘no, please for you, please!’ just desperate to get the message across that I didn’t want to just take signatures off him, that I wanted to give something back! He took it off me and said ‘Thank you – you’re too kind, too kind’ and leaned forward and gave me a kiss on the cheek before leaving!



I will be forever grateful for my old (and new) friends on this day and I will remember it for as long as I live. To win and get a star to come back once they have passed is one thing – but to be able to give them something is another. Especially, such a huge name as Stallone.

My dear friends went on to meet Jason Statham, Wesley Snipes and randomly, Jack Whitehall.

We all had a fantastic day in each other’s company, lots of laughs, stars and emotions. I am so proud to have the friends I have and I look forward to making all the more memories with them, because y’know what? Socially, there’s no place I’d rather be, than in Leicester Square with these people. This is what I live for.



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