Meeting the Magical Bill Nighy

Meeting the Magical Bill Nighy

One of the people whose name is on the list of people that I would like to meet, was the magical and grossly underrated Bill Nighy.

We were in London, ready to see Aerosmith (OH YEAH – see the pictures here) the following day and decided to try our luck at the stage door of ‘Skylight’, the production that the man himself and the gorgeous (and again underrated) Carey Mulligan are starring in.

We waited at the back of theatres from around 6pm because we had no idea how busy it would get or how it would work. I was my usual excited, panicking self and waited with much anticipation.

Soon it was time for us to go and wait by the door. The chap on the door began by introducing himself and telling us how things would go. He emphasised that Mr.Nighy and Miss.Mulligan MAY NOT come out. There was about 15 people in total.

Needless to say, I was already shaking with excitement, holding my drawing as tightly as possible and a couple of ‘Skylight’ flyers in the other hand. I had photocopied my drawing in hope to give it to Bill.

Soon enough, Carey Mulligan came out, and as gorgeous as she is, she looked absolutely shattered and I didn’t want to ask her for a photograph. In truth, I just wanted to tuck her up in a warm cosy bed with a large mug of cocoa with marshmallows on top. As she was signing my flyer, I told her that I thought she was ‘absolutely fantastic in SHAME.’ To which she grinned and said ‘thank you.’

The wait for Bill seemed endless, until, suddenly, he was there. Of course the first sounds out of my mouth are ‘EEEK! EEEEEK!’ People were coming forward having a picture taken and stepping away.

He got to me and I held out my drawing and said ‘This is fantastic.’ I said ‘thank you’ and asked if he would dedicate it and he spelt out my name as he signed it. As he was finishing I thanked him again and told him that I had a copy of it for him. I gave it to him and he said in his lovely Englishman voice, ‘That is so kind, thank you so much.’ We had a photo together and then he moved on.

My friend said to me not so long back that Bill Nighy is a magical man, and you know, my good friend is not wrong. The man is so welcoming and proper and the encounter was the most surreal, relaxed and pleasant encounter that I have had to date.

Oh, and here’s the autograph drawing:

bill nighy

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